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ReferenceUSA directory -- business and persons      Find the data to: Assess business viability, create sales leads and /or marketing mailing lists, analyze trends in a given population, find potential sponsors and donors to grow a nonprofit.      Assess business viability, create sales leads,analyze trends.      Take free online courses for business plans, starting and growing a business        


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eBooks on business topics can be found in 3 collections--ebrary, Safari, and Gale Business Plans:

Business ebooks in ebrary  Business and tech ebooks in Safari  Business Plans ebooks

Popular eMagazines can be found in our Zinio collection, which has full color digital replicas of magazines. 

  Forbes magazine    wired magazine  economic magazine

Trade and academic business publications can be found using the Magazine/Journal finder which locates the titles in our databases.

Financial Times link   Harvard Business Review link  ColoradoBiz magazine link


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