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The library has thousands of popular magazines and scholarly journals. Look up a title here to see whether it is in one of our database collections (e.g. Academic Premier, General Onefile). 



Zinio for Libraries   
• Popular for Recreational Reading
• Full-Color Current and Back Issues
• No Check-out Limits
• No Expiration

iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch
Zinio instructions for I O S, Word document  Zinio for Libraries app for I O S

Zinio instructions for Android, Word document  Zinio for Libraries app for Android

Windows Phone
Zinio instructions for Windows Phone, Word document   Zinio app for Windows Phone


Kindle Fire
Zinio Instructions for Kindle Fire, Word document   

Kindle Fire HD/HDX
Zinio instructions for Kindle Fire H D and H D X, Word document   

Blackberry Playbook
Zinio instructions for Blackberry Playbook, Word document  Zinio app for Blackberry Playbook


Windows PC & Mac
Zinio instructions for P C and Mac, Word document  Zinio Reader software for P C and Mac

Windows 8
Zinio Instructions for Windows 8, Word document  Zinio app for Windows 8





  • Full-Color and Back Issues 1888-current
  • Kids Edition 2009-current
  • Traveler magazine 2010-current
  • Books & Videos
  • Printable articles & downloadable photos
  Search Tips



Consumer Reports through Ebsco   
• Compare Brands
• Full-Color pdf articles to download
• No Check-out Limits
• No Expiration