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Meadows Branch Library is closed for repairs. Please return material to our other locations. Meadows patrons will be notified when holds are available for pickup at the Main Library.

Masks are required in all indoor public spaces for those age 2+ regardless of vaccination status. More about the public health order.

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• Streaming; Downloadable to Mobiles
• One-Week Check-Out
• Boulder County patrons only
• Limit: 4 items per month


Questions about the daily budget limit:

  "I get a message saying "Our daily limit has been reached. Please continue to browse, add to favorites, and come back tomorrow.".…what does that mean?"

The library has placed daily and monthly spending caps on the hoopla system to moderate spending our allocated funds. Once the daily cap has been reached no patrons may check anything else out for the day. This does not mean you’ve lost your 4 checkouts for the month. It only means you have to wait until the daily limit is reset. This occurs at midnight MST. If some patrons use all 4 of their checkouts at once, we reach our daily spending limit rather quickly. However, after 4 checkouts they are done, and this will give other patrons a chance to get material. Limits are in place as an effort to give everyone equal access as best we can.

iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
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Kindle Fire HDX
  Hoopla app for Kindle H D X


Device Specific Help
Hoopla Instructions, Word Document

Alexander Street Press Jazz Music Library   
American Song Opera in Video
Classical Music Library Popular Music Library
Contemporary World Music Smithsonian Global Sound

Due to budget reductions, we have canceled our subscription..

• Streaming
• Always Available
• Valuable for Research & Teaching

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