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Annotated Bibliography

NHD Rule 16

  • An annotated bibliography is required for all categories

  • List only those sources that contributed to the development of your entry, i.e., sources that provided usable information or new perspectives in preparing your entry. 

  • Sources of visual and audio materials and oral interviews must be included

  • Bundle photos or other materials from the same collection in a single citation. 

  • Oral history transcripts, correspondence between you and experts, questionnaires, and other primary or secondary materials used as sources for your entry should be cited in your bibliography but not included as attachments to your bibliography.

  • The annotations for each source must explain: (a) how you used the source AND (b) how it helped you understand your topic. 

  • Your annotated bibliography is not included in the word count.


Bates, Daisy. The Long Shadow of Little Rock. New York: David McKay Co. Inc., 1962.

Daisy Bates was the president of the Arkansas NAACP and the one who met and listened 
to the students each day. This firsthand account was very important to my paper 
because it made me more aware of the feelings of the people involved.

- from 2014-2015 NHD Contest Rule Book

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